What We Do

Thread Count makes Quality that's what we do

At Dhurrie Store, apart from manufacturing rugs we are also indulged in our initiative of women and artisan empowerment by providing them a good source of income to rural women & other local village artisans to raise the living standards of their families.

We've got several strategies through which we make our colourful rugs. We've got various kinds of weaving methods including hand knotted, hand woven layouts and Jute wool layouts etc. We're an all-round entity in regards to making dhurries, we want our clients to savor the best that is the reason we use distinct weaving techniques in order to adapt every client's need. Our seasoned artisans do extraordinary work with equally eye-catching rug designs.

Our Dhurries Quality

Every hand-woven rug's quality depends upon the thread counts per inch (more thread counts results in proper filling of colours in dhurries) and that is what we do. Most of our competitors only do 7-11 thread counts but our dhurrie contains distinct thread counts which starts from 10-20 thread counts per inch, depending upon our client's requirement, that is why our dhurries show very less or no white warp threads in between various hues of color, hence makes our dhurries more durable & more beautiful & hence best quality.

Moreover, all our hand-tufted dhurries are created manually at affordable costs. Our artisans use style or loop or a combination of both to create the rugs. Our dhurries are produced from cotton or wool or wool-jute (the warp is of wool and weft is of jute).

A lot of the designs we use to make dhurrie rugs are kilims, stripes, modern(contemporary) and solids. Patchwork Rugs are becoming quite popular nowadays. They are usually called vintage carpets. We use our personal techniques to make rugs seem rural or old to be able to reach the most appealing vintage design.

Making of the Dhurries

Our Oriental rugs are created on a framework we call a loom. This is where our skilled artisans show their skills by weaving to create the most desirable styles or designs of the rugs. In a completed carpet, these warps may look more like fringes. It's extremely crucial that you help keep the fringe from tearing off and wearing, because once the fringe is worn, the knots begin to come out of the ends. At Dhurrie store , we deliver what we promise and we do not cut corners. We understand the demands and concerns of both our local as well as international clients that is why we are fully equipped to provide every client with a hassle-free and pleasant carpet buying experience.

Our commitment is to consistently provide each of our customers with the most unique yet affordable rug. We incorporate the ideas and suggestions of our customers which make us a favorite to many. Our woolen and Jute Durries that come with the most antique looks happen to be one of those ideas.

We are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of hand woven rugs which are synonymous with high quality as well as long life span.