How We Do

Our able artisans help in how we do it

For generations, dhurries have been massively popular flooring addition in India. Otherwise called level carpets, dhurries are usually manufactured from hand-spun organic cotton, wool, jute, silk and camel-hair in the northern colder regions. However, we can also use a mixture of these yarns to create your desired Indian dhurie. Our conventional Indian carpets usually come in sharp, eye-catching, vibrant designs with easy, geometric or symmetrical, and frequently a repetitive Mughal design. Not only are they used as floor carpets but, as a result of their versatility, they've come to serve as wall-hangings and table-covers or basic furnishing carpets. They are available in every shape, sizes as well as colors. The weavers behind our beautiful dhurries are dedicated and gifted and have now been weaving for a lot of years: knowledge and their abilities slowly being passed on from era to another. The fabrics we use to make our dhurries are all hand-spun and hand-dyed during development.

Dhurrie store has some of the most extensive varieties of dhurries that are ready for Western markets. We pride ourselves as market leaders when it comes to producing rugs that carry earthy and warm two-tone designs. We actually do have something for everyone and every-where and we're among the few firms that carry stock of all sizes in each design. Our artisans, who include a bigger percentage of women from different Indian villages are good with the task, they perform the work from a personal point of view due to the love they have for the dhurries. In addition to weaving dhurries for business, we also do it as a way of empowering women and village artisans and this gives us the urge to go on every day.We highly value our artisans because they are our strong pillar in this industry. That's how we do it.

It is unlikely that you will miss what you are looking for in our shop, however, if it happens, we welcome every client to present us their idea of the rug they want. As our client, you will be given an opportunity to pick your personal designer carpet and color from our color chart after which we will deliver your carpet within a few days.