Area Rug - An Ultimate Design Element To Complement Your Home Interior

For centuries, handcrafted area rugs have served as the embellishment character for the interiors of mosques and palaces. These handmade rugs have always earned the reputation of an artistic masterpiece, unlike the manufactured rugs. The biggest reason is the manual craftsmanship that brings distinctive threads together to produce intricate designs. And hence, these area rugs are popular even today - in modern homes.

Do you have handcrafted rugs adorning your interiors? Have you ever experienced the personal charm created by rugs? If you haven’t been introduced to the aesthetics and functionality of area rugs, we have the most common questions covered for you. Read on until the end to bring a classic artistry home for yourself!

What Are Area Rugs?

area rugs

Call them rugs or area rugs, these are textile floor coverings laid on finished flooring surface such as marble flooring. You get myriad varieties of rugs that differ in colour combinations, textures, patterns and sizes. Some often misunderstand rugs as carpets. However, there is a difference. Like carpets, rugs do not extend wall to wall. Instead, they are used to anchor the furniture like sofas and tables. You can either place the entire furniture on the rug or simply place the front legs on the rug. It usually depends on the look and feel you desire. Ultimately, the rug will act as an artistic frame or boundary for your furniture.

How Can Area Rugs Add Beauty To Our Interiors?

Considering the aesthetics and practical significance, area rugs have a special place in home interiors. Not having them to complement interiors means dressing up for an occasion without any jewellery. They are more than just a cherry on top!

Area rugs have a unique aesthetical ability to bring all the elements of a room together, thus creating harmony. If your interiors seem dull, they can instantly bring excitement in the ambience. They add warmth and personality to any space in your home.

Here are some ideas on how you can use area rugs to create eye-catching interiors.

Create Playful Interiors - If you have a monotonous interior decor, add a handcrafted rug that has multiple colours and patterns. Don’t be afraid of picking up something bold and flashy. Because it will complement the plain interior decor.

Control the Intensity - On the other hand, if you have decorative interiors that are making the space too overflowing, add rugs. But here you need to choose an area rug that is subtle in design and tone. This will make the interiors to calm down making you feel relaxed.

Carve A Visual Pathway - Have you seen the entranceway of mosques and palaces covered with velvety textile? That’s area rug! Same way, you can place a rug in your hallway to create a visual pathway. This will attract anyone to other connecting rooms - adding warmth and character. Even more, your passages will never turn into lifeless spaces.

Use As The Focal Point - Going out of the way, you can use an intricate handmade rug to decorate a boring wall in your room. It will serve as a stunning focal point. Similarly, you can cover a section of the flooring with a rug as the focal point. For a more intimate touch, you can paint a wall by choosing the accent colour of the rug.

Why We Need Area Rugs?

Area rugs are more beneficial over wall-to-wall carpeting. Because they are easier to clean and maintain. Besides, if you have the habit of redesigning interiors more often, you can switch out and area rug and replace it with another unique rug.

There are many more functional benefits of rugs which are as follows:

Absorbs Noise - Rugs are more voluminous than carpets. So, their noise absorption capacity is way higher. If you have a room where you notice a slight echo, place a rug - and the problem is solved.

Soft Surface to Walk - Walking on soft surfaces is an integral element of a luxury home. Rugs give you the pleasure of walking on a soft surface that stimulates a sense of comfort and relaxation. And it literally takes off some pressure of your body. While walking on a hard surface creates noise and makes it more uncomfortable for your bare feet.

Provides Grip - Placing furniture directly on slippery flooring is always a bad idea. For example, a sofa will keep sliding whenever you try sitting on it. Hence, placing the furniture on rug provides a grip to the furniture. And when you sit on a sofa placed on an area rug, it will give the feel of buoyancy.

How Dhurrie Store Is One Of The Leading Manufacturers Of Handmade Area Rugs?

Dhurrie Store is a leading area rug manufacturer and exporter. But what makes Dhurrie Store’s rugs so popular? We offer custom-made handmade rugs that whisper the art you cherish. Our custom-made rugs come with intricate designs and patterns created with the highest quality textiles and materials. The craftsmanship put together, you get a stunning masterpiece that will stand the test of time.

Whether you are looking for a traditional design, or you have a penchant for the modern look. We offer area rugs for every space.

Each handmade rug we offer undergoes stringent quality control at every stage of the rug production. We use environmental-friendly yarns that are free of any harmful chemicals or dyes. So, you can use them safely even in the kid’s area or for people who suffer from allergies.

Handcrafted area rugs give you space where you can enjoy happy moments. So, reach out to Dhurrie Store to bring these happy moments home!