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Enter any luxury home and you are bound to see one or more area rugs adorning the interior decor. Thanks to the skilful artistry, these colourful floor coverings can effortlessly transform any space. A rug reflects the beauty that not just changes the look but also the mood of a room. And considering the functional benefits, they add warmth while improving the acoustics.

However, when you consider giving your interiors the rug touch, it is essential to make the right choice. Area rugs come in a variety of material, thickness, and textures to match the personality of different spaces. In fact, rugs are more versatile than you might think. So, let’s just move on and pick your favourites from the product list!

Luxury Handmade Rugs for Home Interiors

Designing an interior decor with rugs or dhurries is a great way to bring a flare of richness, coziness, and comfort in your space. What was traditionally thought of only as a floor covering accessory, can now be styled in different ways to create an inspiring home décor. Apart from the surface area, you can adorn your bedroom, kitchen, your reading and leisure space with our designer rugs. So let's get the rug game right and explore 5 unique ways in which you can style luxury hand-made rugs in your space.

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When you brood over recreating your space, you usually think of decking corners with artifacts displaying modern art, walls with unconventional paintings, and windows with vibrant curtains. You think of filling the space with the most classy furniture and upholsteries. But what you often forget in the process is your floors. We believe that an interior set-up is incomplete if there is nothing that covers the surface under the feet. And the only home accessories that can ‘floor up’ the ground beneath are hand-made rugs or dhurries.

Traditional hand-knotted rugs are works of art. Holding the characteristic to blend seamlessly into any decor, they can infuse a modern & luxurious vibe in your space. Dhurrie Store, being one of the top manufacturers and exporters of hand-made rugs in India, holds a mesmerizing collection of hand-woven, traditional rugs/dhurries that can create hygge home and office decors and can accentuate the beauty of high-end villas, hotels, and resorts. The finest quality hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs with organic fabrics like cotton, wool, jute, etcetera that have a touch of India’s tradition and culture. Let’s explore them all through this blog!

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You will find various forms of materials useful to create rugs and cotton is among the finest type of materials for making ground area rugs. Cotton rugs are supposed to work longer as compared to other types of carpets as these are created with additional twist threads which are more powerful and okay. The particular thread originated from Asian roots which are often tough entangled. These threads arrive straight from the mills that signify that these threads haven't been reused from used cloth.

While trying to provide a bit more ease and comfort to your house and also to a single space of it, a great solution to include cheerful atmosphere and stylishness is simply by attaching certain top quality cotton rugs into the combine. This really is an economical approach to provide convenience in a space and also to beautify the appearance of it without spending a ridiculous amount in excess of budget. While using the proper cotton rugs, an individual can modify the whole appearance and feel of a room with the appropriate shades at the correct position.

handmade dhurrie bags

The field of fashion is always changing. The hand crafted shopping bags or natural leather-based periodicals are extremely becoming popular at this moment. Whether it is garments, or scarves, or leather belts or any adornment, certain unique designs or styles are now being launched each and every period. High fashion expositions are generally organized all over the place where the creative designers show off their particular modern trends. Women handbags have got their particular place in the fashion feast. These bags are usually popular throughout the fashion globe. The famous super-models, the top profile socialites, the preferred actresses, the fabulous singers-almost all promote certain brand names that produce all these bags.

Worldwide in the field of bags, the handmade dhurrie bags currently have their own individual position. Dhurrie bags are rugs forms of bag which looks fabulous with lively and vibrant pallet. These types of handbags provide an extremely realistic, tribal and hippie appearance. With fascinating kilim designs, these kinds of handbags seem stylish and suits into tribal selections. A few well-liked brand names give you such bags and they truly look wonderful. The weighty cloth fabric offers an ideal shape plus appearance to a handbag. “Dhurrie” is an Indian language word which means a carpet or a fluffy weaved mat historically used in India for carpets and rugs.

Indian handmade Rugs

Persia and its own tradition of carpet or rug production has become a big power in the growth and development of Indian rugs. During the mid generations stacked rugs, particularly coming from Persia, earned global recognition. This resulted in an increase in the production of such sorts of rugs within India itself and in Uttar Pradesh and Kashmir the particular artwork became especially superior and lovely.

Conventional Indian rugs are known as ‘dhurries' and they are much like Turkish carpets and rugs or what is called ‘flat' Turkish rugs generally known as ‘kilims'. Wool is actually the common substance you are going to use for durries however; certain kinds are available in cotton.