8 Types of Hand-Made Rugs that will Define Your Space

When you brood over recreating your space, you usually think of decking corners with artifacts displaying modern art, walls with unconventional paintings, and windows with vibrant curtains. You think of filling the space with the most classy furniture and upholsteries. But what you often forget in the process is your floors. We believe that an interior set-up is incomplete if there is nothing that covers the surface under the feet. And, the only home accessories that can ‘floor up’ the ground beneath are hand-made rugs or dhurries.

Traditional hand-knotted rugs are works of art. Holding the characteristic to blend seamlessly into any decor, they can infuse a modern & luxurious vibe in your space. Dhurrie Store, being one of the top manufacturers and exporters of hand-made rugs in India, holds a mesmerizing collection of hand-woven, traditional rugs/dhurries that can create hygge home and office decors and can accentuate the beauty of high-end villas, hotels, and resorts. Our finest quality hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs, made from organic fabrics like cotton, wool, jute, etcetera, have a touch of India’s tradition and culture. So let’s explore them all through this blog!

8 Types of Hand-Made Rugs for Home Decoration

Cotton Rugs

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Cotton Rugs are elusive. They can escalate the charm of a space by adding a smart, stylish, and eccentric touch to it. With traditional motifs printed on the rugs and colors blending easily with each thread, cotton rugs and cotton handloom dhurries can bring various hues in a place. A recognized exporter of cotton rugs in India, our hand-woven cotton rugs, made out of 100 % cotton fabric, are soft, comfortable, and warm, and are loved by people across the world.

Wool Rugs

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Wool rugs have an undefined luxuriousness. When placed in a living area or bedroom, they can suffuse an elegant and sophisticated vibe to the space. Made from pure wool fabric, our collection of Hand-Crafted Wool Floor Rugs, Wool Area Rugs & Dhurries can instantly appeal to the senses. Coming in varied colors and floral and ferries prints, wool rugs can bring a high-toned texture in a place. Moreover, they are easy to clean and easy to maintain and with proper care, wool rugs last longer.

Jute Rugs

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Bring traditional crafts to your home with our Hand-Woven Jute Rugs. Fabricated from natural jute fiber by our artisans, these jute rugs have an essence of India's heritage. The catch here is, even after being made from a coarse and rough material- jute, these rugs are soft and comfy on feet. Woven with utter simplicity, our jute rugs, coming in a variety of colors and plain and geometric patterns, make for subtle and great area rugs.

Chenille Rugs

chenille rugs manufacturer

Majestic Chenille Area Rugs are all that you want when you are looking to create a contemporary decor. Made-up of the finest quality natural cotton fabric, the cotton chenille rugs hold the power to level-up the room’s surface. Its mushy texture gives a great feel when placed under a sofa or near the bed. With the subtle color tones and plain & checked prints, our array of Chenille Hand-Woven Flatweave Rugs can lend a stunning effect in your space.

Viscose Rugs

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What could make for a plush interior? A viscose rug with silk effect! Known for having silk-like qualities, viscose rugs can excellently depict the texture, look, and feel of silk fabric. Hand-tufted viscose rugs, having a refined finish make for an amazing home decoration accessory. Revealing a decorous charm in the shades and prints they come in, our Viscose Rugs can beautifully embrace the corners, the under areas, and the open areas of your place.

Hemp Rugs

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Brace your space with our Hand-Woven Natural Hemp Area Rugs. Created with pure jute fabric, our Hemp Punja Rugs can make your indoor & outdoor flooring look stylish. These rugs are water-resistant, light-weight, durable, and super attractive. Though made from the same yarn as jute, Hemp Rugs are less coarse as compared to jute rugs and also become softer with time. Hemp rugs also have more tensile strength. Hence, they are stronger than jute rugs. Whether it’s a plain or a patch-worked Hemp Rug, it can bring a youthful, lively flare in your decor.

Block Print Rugs

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Block Print Rugs depict Indian textiles in the most relevant way. Our Hand Block Printed Rugs can define your space in a royal way. The vibrant colors, modern as well as traditional designs and motifs fabricated on our block print rugs, make them a great choice amongst young people. By placing a block printed rug, you can surely bring visual art to your decor.

Bling/Metallic Rugs

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Adding a Hand-woven Metallic Rug to the space is like bringing an abstract metallic art in the decor. Created with metallic and natural jute yarn, our metallic rugs are chic and artistic. The various beautiful designs, prints, patterning, and hues these bling/metallic rugs are fabricated with, can instantly turn an ambience into an eye-snatching place.