5 Unique Ways to Style Luxury Hand-Made Rugs in Your Space

Designing an interior decor with rugs or dhurries is a great way to bring a flare of richness, coziness, and comfort in your space. What was traditionally thought of only as a floor covering accessory, can now be styled in different ways to create an inspiring home décor. Apart from the surface area, you can adorn your bedroom, kitchen, your reading and leisure space with our designer rugs. So let's get the rug game right and explore 5 unique ways in which you can style luxury hand-made rugsin your space.

Traditional Rugs on the Wall

handmade wall rugs

Hanging rugs on walls? Yes! Rugs or Dhurries are a great wall hanging tapestries. Rugs have been used to style walls since ancient times. This way of designing got lost 'behind the walls' but has recently come back into the scene! Hanging designer rugs with traditional motifs and vibrant colors can revive your walls in an artistic way. Antique dhurries, coming in different shapes, sizes, and borders, can be placed vertically or horizontally against a wall to give it a vintage look.

Drape Rugs over a Sofa or Settee

drape rugs

Are you thinking to make your simple upholstery or daybed look more cozy and modish? Our luxury rugs can help you do that! Simply drape a rug over your sofa or settee with some material of the rug hanging from behind. You can also take a small-sized rug and spread unevenly on the side-end of the sofa. This will give a distinctive touch to your space and will also turn your plain, boring sitting area into a lively place.

Adorn Bedroom with Designer Rugs

handmade designer rugs

After a day full of hard work, who wouldn't want to lie down and rest on a soft, comfortable bed? If you want to turn your bedroom into a warmth-filled space, then add our silk, wool, or cotton rugs to your bedding. You can simply place a plain, flat-weave rug and spread it across the bed. You can also take a medium-sized rug, place it down at the foot of the bed and tuck it in till the wrinkles are out. This will surely give a fresh look and luxe to your bedroom.

Layer Rugs in the Living Area

layer rugs

If you love art in your space, then implanting a traditionally printed, hand-woven rug would be a smart idea. You can bring elegance to your living room by placing or covering your floors with our geometric or floral printed luxury rugs. You can also try giving a layered look to your living area. Simply take-up rugs reflecting different colors and designs, and layer them all together. Such a unique home décor idea will surely make visitors fall in love with your place.

Place Rugs in the Kitchen & Reading Space

place rugs

After your living room, your dining room needs an update too from the common décor furnishing. So, add a note of creativity in your kitchen space by placing a designer area rug on the floor or by putting a small-sized rug on the dining table like a tablecloth. Moreover, you can recreate your reading space with our luxury designer rugs too. Place a jute or hemp rug with stripes and subtle color on your reading area floor or drape a rug on your reading chair to make your little corner cozier and full of ease and comfort.