A High-end Collection Of Rug Varieties For All Occasions And Spaces

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Enter any luxury home and you are bound to see one or more area rugs adorning the interior decor. Thanks to the skilful artistry, these colourful floor coverings can effortlessly transform any space. A rug reflects the beauty that not just changes the look but also the mood of a room. And considering the functional benefits, they add warmth while improving the acoustics.

However, when you consider giving your interiors the rug touch, it is essential to make the right choice. Area rugs come in a variety of material, thickness, and textures to match the personality of different spaces. In fact, rugs are more versatile than you might think. So, let’s just move on and pick your favourites from the product list!

Versatility Of Area Rugs

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Area rug manufacturers offer an array of designs that can live up to your expectations. You can consider the varieties in terms of colour, style, price, and material. Beyond all, you can choose to bring a traditional rug or the one that sparks contemporary abundance.

For Casual Use

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Cotton is the most popular material when homeowners look for something practical and inexpensive. Besides, it serves beautifully in all seasons, especially the summers and winters. Walking over the cotton rugs will make you feel extremely comfortable and warm. They are suitable even for babies to crawl on with their tender knees.

For something like hard handmade carpets, hemp rugs are the best choice. They are durable, eco-friendly and rich in look. Their ability to resist water and mildew make it more appealing in high-traffic areas.

For Ethnical Ambience

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If you have a penchant for traditional look what could be better than wool rugs. Not needing an introduction, these offer soft textures that feel amazing on your barefoot. Functionally, these are durable and resilient thereby recovering from crushing caused by walking or furniture. This nature of the area rugs makes them look new and fresh for years while preventing staining and soiling.

Do you love the rough look? A jute rug is the way to go. Pure jute handmade carpets are a great choice for traditional interiors. They are the most eco-friendly and carbon-dioxide neutral material. It’s all because jute is a rain-fed crop that needs little to no fertilizers and pesticides to grow.

For Modern Touch

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Consider the versatility of viscose rugs to dress up your room in a contemporary style. These handmade rugs have silk-like qualities and look to give your home a luxurious touch. In fact, the fibre is so versatile in nature that it can imitate the look and feel of wool, cotton and linen as well.

Another elegant choice in this category is chenille rugs. The sturdiness and colour stagnation of these area rugs is most favoured. Instead of the usual weaving of each thread together, chenille is tightly braided to make it durable. Hence, these handcrafted carpets stay intact in high-traffic areas while bestowing a sense of sophistication.

Handmade Bags

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Have you ever used rug bags? Also popular as dhurrie bags, these can prove to be a wonderful addition to your accessories wardrobe.

Area rug manufacturers also offer a high-end collection of rug handbags to suit your taste. Here, we have the two most fancied dhurrie Bags for you.

Leather Bags

Do you know how to identify whether a product is made of genuine leather or not? Just find out if it is handcrafted. Rug bags that are handmade commonly use pure leather to provide you with timeless elegance. No other material can give you a soft and refined look such as leather. What’s more, it endures heavyweights and doesn’t catch dirt easily.

Canvas Bags

These are quite the opposite of leather bags. Being in fashion for centuries, canvas dhurrie bags are much lighter and easier to carry. They are sturdy, durable and highly versatile in shapes and styles. So, you can have a travel bag, a handbag or bag for any other purpose - handcrafted for yourself.

Other Rug Accessories

Rugs Cushion

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Cushions are an important addition to home decor. Adding cushions that are practical as well as attractive enhances the appeal of your living room or bedroom. Rugs cushion have all that you could ask for. They flaunt amazingly while being soft and friendly to your skin.

Handmade Tassels

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It’s the vintage tradition of decorating accessories like handbags, carpets, pillows, stoles and other traditional outfits with handmade tassels. Owing to the colours and materials used in tassels it can transform the look of any accessory. Perhaps, using your creativity you could embellish your bedroom decor for a vibrant ambience.

Bespoke Rugs By Dhurrie Store

How about having area rugs that whisper your creativity and fancy. Dhurrie Store, a leading manufacturer and exporter of dhurrie offer bespoke rugs of your choice. Give us the colour combinations you love and the material you desire. We will have it handcrafted by our expert craftsmen.

Whether you need rugs, rug bags, or other accessories for home interiors, hotels or any other space. We have a high-end collection of rug varieties for all occasions and spaces.