Designer Rugs and Dhurrie Bags as Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

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Is a wedding about to take place in your family? Are you going to be the bridesmaid of your best friend’s wedding? Then one of the first things that will come to your mind is ‘gifts.’ A wedding gift is one of those special treasures that act as blessings in disguise. Especially when the people tying the knot are close to you. But that depends on what you choose!

Making the right choice from a variety of wedding gifting options is like picking a pearl from the ocean. You need to be thoughtful in your choice and consider the bride’s and groom’s preferences - if you know it. That said, there are certain wedding gifts that stand out from the crowd. They are beautiful, useful and at the same time loved by many.

Go on to discover how you can add more excitement to a couple’s journey!

A Handmade Wedding Rug

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Gifting a wedding rug is an old and wonderful tradition that’s alive even today. Each vibrant thread woven into a true form of art marks the beginning of a colorful journey. It serves as the significant support element in the couple’s lives commemorating their marriage.

Handcrafted rugs are usually unique and bright in color combinations and patterns. So, you can choose any rug as the wedding gift. You can choose from different sizes. For example, you can have a small rug - big enough for the couple to stand upon.

Or, you could give a big one that can become the most influencing element of the interiors in their home. Rugs are winners when it comes to enhancing the aesthetics and vibe of a room. Whether you are giving it or receiving it, a beautiful handmade rug will become one of the most cherished wedding presents.

If you want to be more thoughtful, you can think of a bigger rug. The size can be enough for the bride and groom to use it for their wedding party. In fact, it can accompany them over their life-time when they have pets, children, and more parties to throw.

High-quality wedding rugs handcrafted by artisans endure the test of time without losing elegance. They will withstand the wear and tear that comes along. They are durable enough to pass it down to children or even grandchildren.

The look will remain as beautiful as it was on the first day. And when the bride’s and groom’s grandchildren have it they will call it as their ‘family’s antique rug.’ Sounds beautiful! Isn’t it?

Wedding Dhurrie/Rug Bags

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Fancy rug bags could be an impressive wedding gift just as the rugs. But you need to pick a good quality, durable and attractive looking bag. As rug bags are unique for women and men, you need to choose them accordingly. Of course, you may also get designs that suit both the bride and the groom.

Handmade rug bags come in different designs and materials that can be used in winters as well as summer. For example, some fancy rug bags are crafted using a combination of rugs and genuine leather. Others are purely made of rugs. Different rug bags have a distinct look that may throw traditional vibes or boast a modern touch.

A personalized rug bag could be a great bridesmaid gift to the bride who is her best friend. Or distant relatives may also decide to gift rugs bags.

Thank You Gift

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As a personal gesture of gratitude, the bride and groom could choose rug bags as thank you gifts for the guests. Handmade rug bag sellers offer customized designs to make gifts more personalized. For instance, you can ask for rug bags that represent your wedding theme. Or, how about weaving a personal note on the bag itself? You can have different personal notes for each guest expressing your gratitude. But this is perfect for more intimate affairs.

Invitation Gift

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Perhaps, how wonderful would it be when your guests receive your wedding invitation in a fancy rug bag? Get customized rug bag with the wedding venue address woven on the material. Add some amazing personal freebies with a map that helps guests in reaching the wedding destination.

Order Your Wedding Gifts From Dhurrie Store

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