Dhurrie Tradition & Women Empowerment

Dhurrie Traditions And Women Empowerment Has Come Full Circle

For centuries, dhurries, also known as flat woven rugs, have been a highly popular floor covering in India since they are easily available and they come in all designs, colours and sizes. Apart from mere a decorative item there is story behind the making of each handcrafted rug as these are also a huge source of income to rural women & other local village artisans who are mainly involved in weaving dhurries.

These hundreds of women dhurrie weavers have empowered themselves with their craft and they have been able to raise the living standards of their families in addition to gaining economic independence. At dhurrie store, we ensure that our hand crafted rugs are carefully hooked, woven and tufted by our skilled artisans with the higher number of these artisans being rural women.

We can comfortably say that, we pride ourselves in being at a position to empower these women and other village artisans to transform their ordinary life into more meaningful one. All our rugs are created in India which gives us an opportunity to provide a livelihood to local villagers.

Over the years we have worked with these artisans, we have empowered them from mere freelance artisans to become small business owners. This has been a great stride in reducing the high poverty levels common in some of these villages. Many of our dhurrie weavers are leaders within the artisan communities. We have gone the extra mile to conduct various social programs for these weavers with the aim of enhancing their skills. They have proven to be a great inspiration as they boost the weaver's morale. Going further inside the remote rural areas and creating bonds in these villages gives them an opportunity to not only weave the dhurries but also to weave their own futures.